What Our Customers Are Saying

“Upon researching via the internet for companies that provide audio-based forensics support I happened to stumble upon the folks at InfoVertica. I have never needed this kind of service before so was unsure on the process and that’s where the staff at InfoVertica explained everything in detail from start to finish. My initial concern was the turnaround time of their services as I needed the product in a 2 week time frame, right away the staff calmed my nerves and had the finished product in my hand with a customer satisfaction guarantee within 2 work days! The professionalism portrayed by InfoVertica was outstanding and comes highly recommended in my book!  The customer service you provided was unmatched – thanks guys!”

“InfoVertica’s forensics support – turned admissible evidence – was ultimately the one crucial factor in substantiating and eventually winning my court appeal! There is absolutely no way I could have had the positive results that I did, if it were not for their, how can I say it – surgical handy work. In the beginning it appeared that I would have my appeal overturned… however what the respondent or their high-priced attorney were not aware of was the “smoking gun” my attorney had up his sleeve, provided by InfoVertica. Let’s just say, I am glad that they were on MY side, and the word on the street (and in the court room) as told by my attorney is that other law offices in the area have heard about InfoVertica’s reputable service in my case and are asking for business cards!”

From a subcontractor: “Excellent employer… Very friendly yet professional. Instructions were very clear and he paid with no problems. I would surely work with him again if opportunity arises.”

From a subcontractor: “Excellent employer, fast work, fast to review, fast to pay: I am looking forward to work with again…”

From a subcontractor: “Great employer. Was very communicative and available along the project and assisted me several times with my questions. Very professional and I would definitely work with him again!”

From a subcontractor: “Great employer who I had the pleasure to work with for the second time. Clear instructions and very communicative. Paid with no problems and I would work with him again for sure.”